2 Degrees East began with one simple question: is it possible to produce a quality, everyday watch that doesn’t cost the earth? 

Finding the answer was a little more complex.  It took years of seeking the right eco-friendly materials, the most ethical-as-can be practices, and makers who shared our belief that value and quality could co-exist before we finally came to a resounding ‘yes!’. 

The result is a watch that fits your world.  A watch that lasts. A watch for every day and every occasion.  A watch that makes you smile.  A watch that doesn’t just look and feel good but does good. 

We call it #watchesforkindness.  We hope 2 Degrees East can inspire a little more kindness in your world too.

Size Chart
Download a printable size guide for A4 or Letter page size:
watch size guide A4Watch Size Guide Letter
Watch Size GuideWatch Size GuideWatch Size Guide