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Meet the Designer - Maria Galybina

Maria is an illustrator and pattern designer responsible for the floral (and some of the abstract) designs on our wrists.  Born in Russia, Maria now lives in Lithuania on the shore of the Baltic Sea.  

Maria Galybina Illustration


What got you into design?

I was very lucky to discover my favourite occupation as a child - I liked to draw, invent, design and sew clothes for my dolls. 

I didn't think at all that I could continue to do this and make it my profession. It seemed to me that this hobby was not serious when I was a child. But luck struck again when my aunt noticed my desire to create something beautiful, and suggested I could go to university and study design. This is how my passion for beautiful clothes combined with my ability to design fabrics and more.

Maria Galybina Illustration

What are your other passions or interests? 

In addition to fashion and design, I really like photography, growing flowers at home - succulents, traveling around the world and trying new cuisines.

What was your inspiration for the butterfly and the protea designs?  

Orangeries and greenhouses are my inspiration. They are the highlight of my itinerary on every journey.  There is a very short blooming and bright season in my region - only a couple of months of summer, which is probably why I love to draw exotic plants and flowers so much, and add more colour and brilliance. 

Maria Galybina Illustration

I often go to flower shops and buy different flowers there for inspiration, these are the heroes of my patterns. This is how Protea design came about. The Butterfly design is dedicated to my trip to Amsterdam. There is a small butterfly garden in the orangery there.

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Maria Galybina Illustration Watches