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Meet the Designer - Alena Karabanova

Meet the woman to thank for the tigers that grace our wrists, and the cat that is their inspiration. 

Alena is a pattern and surface designer and illustrator from Arkhangelsk, Russia. Passionate about the harmony of colours and shapes, her designs are a thoughtful search of the perfect combination of both. Depicting nature and kindness, whimsical animals and deep space adventures, her patterns bring joy to children and adults alike.

Alena Pattern Illustration

What got you into design, your other passions or interests, what makes you tick?

When I was a child I used to draw a lot on the wallpaper in my room. My mom wasn’t angry at me and gave me the part of the wall for my drawings. I appreciated it so much! That is how I became a pattern and surface designer. Even now my inner child helps me to create magical stories. She helps me in my working on illustrations, she prompts me, agrees or criticises. It’s so important to listen to her, because she would never give bad advice ☺

What does a normal day look like for you?

I love mornings! This is my most fruitful time to work. I like getting up early and doing important things until 2:00 PM. And then I can see friends, read books, learn English or do something else.

My friends and I like to go to different cafes and coffee shops, drink coffee and draw there.

Alena Pattern Illustration

What inspires your illustrations?  What mediums do you work with?

My main source of inspiration is traveling! Our planet is so incredible! In my journeys I’ve discovered new types of plants and animals which I want to paint immediately. The main topic of my patterns shows my love for the variety and richness of colours in nature.

Still I have a personal muse—my cat. I do many sketches from it. Then I use them in creation of the patterns with tigers and leopards. That’s why my wild animals are like cute pets.

I'm madly in love with vector graphic redactor - Adobe Illustrator. I create most of my work with him. But sometimes I like to draw with markers or gouache.

Alena Pattern Illustration

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Alena Pattern Illustration